Best Vacation Venue Andaman and Nicobar Island during Monsoons.

Goa is now 2012, and you need to down that fact. Sunburn, alcohol, food, and the beach are all now overcrowded, underwhelming (if that’s a word), and downright filthy. Best 5-Star Resort in Andaman and Nicobar.

Once upon a time, the average college student would wait for his annual college trip to visit Goa for its winter. However, in the recent years, it has witnessed a surge in tourism in months of May to September. Once people explored the beauty of the beach destination during the explored monsoon season, they flocked to the location to witness it first-hand.

Similar is the case with the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The only difference? The news of the pristine beauty of the islands during the monsoons has not yet spread been commercialised. The official website of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands brand the islands as an all-season Eco-tourism location- which means, that the islands are perfect to visit all-round the year, only with a slight change in the experience it has to offer.

Of course, if you hear the sceptics, the island may not be perfect during the monsoons. However, the right kind of precautions and planning, can create a trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Since there is a common notion that monsoon weather is ‘off-season’ for the islands, the tourism to Andaman and Nicobar generally dips during this time. If booked at the right time and through right people, you may get as much as 70% discount on the price that you would pay, had you visited the islands during October to March the best vacation venue in India

Except for ‘Sea Walking’.

All of the activities are open during the monsoon. Snorkeling, scuba diving, jet ski, glass boat and banana boat ride during the monsoon season isn’t ‘challenging or turbulent’- rather, it’s exciting and enthralling. However, if heavy rains are expected during the day, or a cyclone warning is issued by the government, there may be some hindrance to these activities. During most of the season, however, you may not be faced with any problem since the rains are quite moderate.

Most of Port Blair, Baratang Island, Red Skin Island in Mahatama Gandhi Marine National Park is accessible during this time. The Jolly Bouy island is however inaccessible during the period, as it needs to be closed for 4 months to restore its natural beauty. The North Bay Island and Ross Island trips are functional through government-run ferries. Even if there is any cancellation due to the weather, people are notified a day prior to the tours. here the list of top 5 hotels in Andaman and Nickobar Island

Boat ride to a common beach- The Elephant beach on the Havelock island is also closed during the period. However, if you are keen on visiting the beach, you may hire a guide for the same. It is hardly a 30-45-minute trek, and is extremely exciting for nature and adventure lovers.

While the island is perfect during the monsoon, during strong wind or cyclonic conditions, tours and activities may get delayed or rescheduled for the next day. If for any reason the activity gets cancelled, most travel partners offer a full refund. Such situations take place less than 5% of time in a year. Getting stuck on an island happens less than 1% of the times during a year, and in such cases, government runs special boats for evacuating tourists from the islands. Overall, the location is quite safe and travel worthy during the monsoon season, and the government makes active efforts to make it safe during strong winds and cyclonic weather.